Superior Mesh Banner Printing in New England

Mesh banner printing may be a good solution if you’re looking for a way to show off your brand, but don’t want to commit to a permanent sign.

These banners are commonly used to cover scaffolding and chain link fences as an impermanent way to display very large signs outdoors. Mesh banners offer lower wind resistance compared to traditional banners because of the perforated material they are printed on.

Mesh banner printing is also a great way to create large-scale promotional displays that can be taken down easily, stored and reused again in the future. Mesh banners are made from polyester or vinyl with a mesh backing and are available in many different sizes and shapes.

Why Choose Our Mesh Banners?

Common uses for Mesh Banners

The primary purpose of a mesh banner is to allow for wind to pass through your display. These banners are ideal for outside use and have a semi-transparent effect because of the small holes in the material.

Custom mesh banners have a variety of uses depending on the application. Some of the most common uses for mesh banners are to cover a fence (Fence Wrap), to create a backdrop for a stage, or to create a large-scale sign for the side of a building.

Fence Wraps / Fence Banners

Our Fence Wraps are a top choice for contractors because they allow for advertisement, scope of work display, and contractor branding, all the while providing privacy on the work-site.

Chain-link fences don’t need to be boring and ugly. Instead of just plain chain-link fence panels, it would be worth looking into adding a fence wrap! This helps cover up the chain-link fence and can be used for advertising or simply to create a color barrier.

Fence Coverings are ideal for the outdoor conditions typically associated with construction sites. They allow for windy conditions to easily pass through the woven material. We print on 70/30 mesh – 70% printable area / 30% airflow.

Building Wraps and Scaffold Wraps

Mesh banner printing is commonly used to cover scaffolding or buildings as an impermanent way to display very large signs outdoors. Mesh banners offer lower wind resistance compared to traditional banners.

Mesh banners can be easily mounted to buildings, offering an easier approach to building wraps as opposed to adhesive wall wraps. We have the ability to print building sized mesh banners, and we can find a qualified contractor to get it installed.

Stage Backdrops

Used as stage backdrops for events, we print mesh banners in any size to perfectly fill your stage. We also utilize this material to create speaker covers. Mesh stage backdrops are recommended for outdoor stages.

Customizable in size, mesh backdrops are ideal for outdoor stages due to their low wind resistance and the ability to be installed between the trussing and framing commonly associated with staging equipment.

If you are interested in reading more about our stage backdrops, check out the full-page here: Stage Backdrops.

Mesh Banner Finishing Options

Our standard finishing for mesh banners is welded hem with grommets placed around every 24”. This means that the edges are folded and grommets are placed without any extra cost.

Add grommets every foot, every 18” or any other distribution of distance between grommets that you like. We typically add extra grommets for especially wide mesh banners. The grommets are the metal rings which are punched into the edges of the banners.

Pockets can be sewn into the edge of the banner, creating the perfect place to add a pole for the banner’s frame. The pockets can be added onto one or two edges, depending on your needs, and typically fit poles between two and four inches in diameter.

If the weather is a concern, we do offer reinforced corners. Reinforced corners can be added to any mesh banner. This adds more durability to the mesh banner, allowing it to hold up better in extreme conditions.

Webbing is a material that can be added to the edges to provide excellent reinforcement. Although the mesh material is already designed for the weather, adding webbing is recommended for areas where the wind is especially consistent.

Yes, you are able to order a double sided mesh banner. Size restrictions apply, however we can print on both sides of your mesh banner.

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We can literally print any size!

Mesh Banner Printing is not limited by size. A single panel banner can be up to 10 feet wide and 145 feet long. We can weld two or more panels together to make an oversized banner which could be the size of a football field if you like.

Talk to our team about the size you need to get an estimate and find out more information about what you’ll need to know during the design process.

Turnaround Times

Standard Turnaround: Our normal turnaround time is 3 to 5  business days on our mesh banner projects. 

Two Day Turnaround: We can easily finish your banner in 48 hours if you request a two day turnaround. 

Next Day Turnaround: You’ll have to place your order before Noon for next day service! This speed would be considered a RUSH project.

Same Day Service: We do not currently offer same day printing for Mesh Banners.